Trail Plan

The City of Eureka is in the process of developing a comprehensive City-wide trail system. 

Federal Grant Funding

Recently East-West Gateway has announced that the City of Eureka has been awarded $263,713.00 in federal grant funding toward the construction of the Legion Park to Route 66 State Park (Flat Creek Trail) trail connection. 

State Park Trail Connection

This connection will complete an east / west alternate transportation route across the City of Eureka south of Interstate 44. Off-road underpasses at Central Avenue and Highway 109 are key components to the trail and will serve as an alternative transportation route. The trail will ultimately connect:

  • Augustine Heights
  • Eureka Business and Tourism Center
  • Eureka City Hall
  • The Eureka Community Center
  • Five City Parks
  • Forest Staley County Park
  • Geggie Elementary
  • The Legends and Shaws Garden
  • The Old Town Commercial District
  • Route 66 State Park


Visit our trails!  Flat Creek Trail runs from Legion Park to Kircher Park, has a connection to Route 66 State Park and ties into the Meramec Greenway trail system.  Forby Road Nature Trail is a ¼ mile nature trail adjacent to Clifty Creek.  The City also has trails located in Berry Park and Drewel Park