Basement Finish Permits

If you are considering finishing your basement, keep in mind that you will need to obtain building, plumbing and electrical permits from the City and a permit from the Eureka Fire Protection District.


Under the current building code regulations, a finished basement is required to have a second emergency means of egress. Also, any bedroom that is constructed in a basement is required to have its own emergency means of egress directly to the outside.

Our Code contains the minimum size and placement of a second emergency egress. Basement windows normally used in today’s construction do not meet these requirements, so such means would need to be a door or a larger window. The number of deaths every year of residents and firefighters in basements has been rising. This is the reason for building codes becoming more restrictive where basements are concerned and having one of our inspectors review the work as it is being done will prevent hazardous situations and questionable construction techniques.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding your basement finish or any construction project, please feel free to call or stop by City Hall and talk to one of our Building Department inspectors.