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Tips on How You Can Help

  • Cover any exposed soil, especially while working on landscape projects
  • Eliminate the use of pesticides in your garden and around your home
  • If you wash your vehicle at home, make sure no soaps or oils enter the storm drain system - either wash your car without soap, pull it onto the lawn, or take it to a commercial car wash
  • Keep vehicles in good repair so that they don’t leak any fluids
  • Pick up after your pets, both in the park and in your own backyard
  • Preserve streamside vegetation
  • Recycle or properly dispose of all materials
  • Store all materials (oils, paint, household cleaners, fertilizers, etc.) in proper containers and in such a way that they cannot leak and be washed into the storm drainage system
  • Sweep walkways, driveways and other outside surfaces, rather than hosing them
  • Use native plants in low-maintenance landscaping to reduce fertilizer and water
  • Walk, ride your bike, take the bus or carpool

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