Road Improvements

Three major road projects will begin on Hwy 109 in 2020.

Project #1 (Intersection of 109/W and FF). New dedicated turn lanes and a traffic signal. This project is scheduled to be completed by MODOT by the Fall of 2020.

Project #2 (widening on 109 in front of the Legends Parkway). This work is underway right now, and should improve North South traffic flow on 109 at this intersection.

Project #3 (Intersection of 109/4th Street). The Median in front of Sacred Heart is being moved back, creating a new dedicated north bound turn lane onto 44. This should greatly improve the stacking and turn onto 44 from 4th street and the flow of northbound traffic from 109 onto 44. This project is slated to be complete by June 2020.

Project 1: Route 109 and W/FF

route 109 and highway W and FF

Project 2: Route 109 and Legends Pkwy

route 109 and Legends Parkway

Project 3: Route 109 and East bound I-44 ramp and 4th Street

route 109 and Eastbound 1-44 ramp and 4th street