How much is the monthly fee for Trash beginning January 2023?

The monthly rate for trash/recycling and yard waste will be $24.56 in 2023. It will increase slightly (less than $2.00 each year) until 2027.

Trash, recycle and yard waste is billed quarterly at $73.68 per quarter.  (this fee does not include extra cart rental, etc.)

This includes one (1) ninety-five (95) gallon trash cart and one (1) sixty-five (65) gallon recycling cart at no charge. You may request a (65) gallon or (35) gallon trash cart in place of the (95) gallon cart the first sixty (60) days of your service starting. 

If you require additional carts for trash and/or recycling you must lease them from Meridian Waste at a rate of $5.00 per cart per month. No other carts will be allowed for trash and recycle.

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1. How much is the monthly fee for Trash beginning January 2023?
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